Four 90-Minute Sessions

April 15 – May 6, 2024


on Zoom

Richard Weinhagen

Deacon, Reformed Church

Minister, Federation of Christian Ministries

Chaplain, Vermont State Guard

Education: BS, Human Behavior and Learning, incorporating 1 year study and training in Psychosynthesis with Jean Guenther, Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis

  • Psychosynthesis is a holistic understanding of the human psyche, its makeup, functions, and processes.
  • Psychosynthesis was developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, from a scientific study encompassing Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Education, and the Arts.
  • It includes an understanding of the nature, levels, and functions of the unconscious, the level and content of consciousness, the nature of the personal self, or the I, and the Higher or Transpersonal Self.
  • On this voyage, we will address together: who am I, and what is it to be human? Is there a meaning that we all share in? What are spiritual values, where do they come from, and how can we apply them in our life?

Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self realization for those who refuse to remain the slave of their own inner phantasms or of external influences, who refuse to submit passively to the play of psychological forces which is going on within them, and who are determined to become the master of their own lives.

Roberto Assagioli

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