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GMU Stands with Same-Sex Couples

Consistent with its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and to honoring the human rights and dignity of all people, GMU decries the Vatican’s recent negation of the love and sacrifice exemplified in the committed relationships of same-sex couples. By misrepresenting such sacred relationships as sinful and “not worthy of blessing,” the Vatican moves institutional Catholicism toward fundamentalism and away from its own rich intellectual tradition, exemplified in the Second Vatican Council’s embrace of God’s revelation in science as an interpreter of creation. More importantly – and more tragically – it further dashes the hopes of its faithful LGBTQ+ members, and exposes itself as an institution that increasingly values judgment and exclusion over the infinite Love and compassion that it was founded to incarnate and promulgate.

To LGBTQ+ members of the GMU community: Know that your university stands with you, reveres your integrity…and yes, blesses your love.

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Community Chaplaincy Program

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GMU Global Citizenship and Consciousness Forum

To reach out to young people, President Gerald Grudzen is conducting a free five-session Zoom Forum for a group of students who have taken his Ethics course at San Jose City College this past semester. Eight students participated in the first session. These students may also wish to participate in our August 19-21 international symposium on Pope Francis’s encyclical letter, Fratelli Tutti. One of the aims of this conference of which GMU is a co-sponsor is to engage the voices of youth. See more.

GMU En Español: Now Offering Courses in Spanish

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Attain a Certificate in Environmental Justice!

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GMU’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis:

The Mirror of Our Minds: Paths to Wholeness in the Era of Coronavirus 

This Free Zoom session was held on Wednesday July 1 at 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) with psychologist Manuel Yaniz PhD. Learn more .

Podcast of Psycho-Spiritual Discussion
on Mental Health Issues Associated with
Coronavirus COVID-19

Spirituality in the Age of Coronavirus

Inspiration and Hope from the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Prayer for healing anxiety in uncertain times ~Bridget M Meehan

Marita Grudzen presented “Spirituality A Way to Sustain and Connect in the Era of Covid-19,” A Forum of the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco on Thursday May 28, 2020, 1:00-2:30 pm (PDT)

New Book By Gerald Grudzen and John Raymaker

In 2008, the authors wrote Steps toward Vatican III which explored developments occurring in the Catholic Church including its teachings on social justice, interreligious dialogue, and Small Christian Communities. This update of Steps explores how Pope Francis has developed such themes in original ways in his encyclicals and in his use of synodal consultations. For example, in his Encyclical “Laudato Si,” the pope seeks to lead us into the mysteries of the universe, of creatures, and the harmony of creation. It helps us reflect on the universal communion of nature.

Young people, in particular, have responded with enthusiasm to Pope Francis’ initiatives. The book notes how some “traditional” Catholics have opposed the pope, but it argues that, in fact, the pope is more traditional than his critics for he insists on going back to Jesus’ own teachings.

The new ongoing crises such as the breakdown and rise of new ideologies, terrorism, massive advances in the sciences and in technology, as well as fundamental shifts in gender relations are further factors considered in the book. Indeed, the world is now radically different from the world of the early 1960’s when Vatican II Council was held. Due to these many radical changes, the book suggests the need for a Vatican III which would consolidate the Church’s global outreach on every continent.

Hamilton Books is offering a 30% discount for those ordering the book directly from the publisher. 


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