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Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Total Credits: 36

  • 9 four-credit courses

Applicants require a bachelor’s degree, and must show evidence of life experience and/or prior learning that prepares them for ministerial work.

Program Description:

The Master of Divinity Degree Program is designed to be responsive to those students who need intensive training to serve non-traditional settings. It is intended to be flexible and at the same time offer a ministerial educational regimen which will prepare a candidate for competency in a range of ministries. This program can be earned online and can also be custom-designed.

Tuition: $9450

Master of Pastoral Ministry (M.P.M.)

Total Credits: 36

  • 12 three-credit courses
Program Description: The Master of Pastoral Ministry degree program offers courses in an expanded worldview of a liberating God in
contemporary theologies, and the development of new models of partnership in ministry for the 21st
century. Course content includes the study of Jesus’ teachings, the growth of diverse faith communities in early Christianity, the role of women in the biblical and the mystical tradition, the history of the
sacraments, renewed sacramental rites, spirituality, pastoral care, and social justice. Students use a reflection process that draws on the text, resources and lived experiences for the development of their pastoral ministry. The New, Expanded Master of Pastoral Ministry Degree program is open to all GMU applicants.


Tuition: $8000

Master of Theology (M.Th.)

Total Credits: 36
• 7 four-credit courses
• M.Th. Thesis (eight credits)
Program Description: The Master of Theology Degree Program offered by Global Ministries University features an interdisciplinary understanding of Theology in the 21st century.
This program can be completely custom-designed. Students have the opportunity to select a concentration of particular interest to them, such as pastoral ministry, contemporary Christianity, peace studies, world religions; and, with the approval of the dean of program, also have the opportunity to select their courses.

Tuition: $8450

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