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Global Ministries University offers a variety of online nondenominational theology courses covering a wide range of subjects including world religions, science, logic, philosophy, and ordination as well as ministerial preparation. Global Ministries’ online theology courses give students the flexibility to expand their knowledge of ecumenical and inter-religious pastoral care in a way that fits their schedule. You may complete any online theology course from anywhere and at your own pace.

Course curricula are designed to give students a better understanding of the various social, cultural and philosophical factors that play a role in the shaping of today’s religious practices and settings. Because today’s spiritual care professionals are often faced with a multi-ethnic and multi-faith audience, our online religion courses place a focus on the various ways in which we think about and communicate religion.

Take a look at some of our online theology course offerings below to get a better overview of the comprehensive approach that Global Ministries takes in the training and education of today’s spiritual care professionals. Many of our course curricula are based on the works of renowned contemporary authors and theologians. (All theology online courses are subject to availability.)


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