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GMU’s Chaplaincy Degree And Certificate Programs

“A love capable of transcending borders is the basis of what – in every city and country – can be called ‘social friendship.’ Genuine social friendship within a society makes true universal openness possible.” (cf. Fratelli Tutti, 99)

For those desiring to bring both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to those most often overlooked by society, GMU’s prison chaplaincy training prepares participants to address the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of those incarcerated. Global Ministries University offers Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Units and interfaith spiritual care to enhance your ministerial vocation. The program can be tailored to your unique ministerial and educational needs and preferences.

Courses include:

TH425 Ministry to the Incarcerated: The problems of the incarcerated will be explored in this course, taught by the instructor who is an ordained minister, a nineteen-year police veteran, and a prison chaplain.

TH427 Prison Minister: Chaplain and Volunteer Ministry to the Inmate: This course will provide a step-by-step examination of the basics of ministering to the incarcerated by studying the prison inmate, the crisis in the U.S. criminal justice system, the history of the penal System, and the modern prison setting.

TH430 A Study of Prison Culture: The minister/chaplain will be introduced to prison ministry as a form of prisoner empowerment through a comprehensive examination of prison culture.

GMU Scholarships Are Available:

A $10,000 grant has been received from the Callaghan-Pierog Family Foundation, Inc., to help support the GMU Prison Chaplaincy program. GMU graduate and Board Member, Thomas James, was instrumental in obtaining this funding.
Applicants to the program may be able to receive a needs-based scholarship based on the evaluation of the president of the university and the dean of the program. An email will be provided upon application.

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