Voices of Women Building Human Solidarity – Second Free Presentation


May 25, 2022







This is the second in a series of presentations on “Voices of Women Building Human Solidarity.” In the era of transition that we are experiencing today, we need to explore the enormous capacities of women for breaking through and beyond the divisions that exist in our world: cultural, religious, economic, political, environmental, and technological. This is a critical expression of Pope Francis’ Universal Synodal Process.

This series brings together women whose voices speak to these issues. These interactive presentations will be further explored with other significant topics in the February 2023 global interfaith conference, Walking Together in the Spirit of Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti. Learn more at the conference website. Look for more presentations to come in  July and September.


Susan Gunn is Director of the  Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns.  She will speak on Women Leaders in the Catholic Church Today. 

From Old Testament times to the present moment, women with a cause have been leading advocates for solidarity and justice. Women are universally limited by socio-economic conditions, and at the same time, connected by strong filial ties with those entering and exiting life, making them uniquely informed and positioned to recognize others as brothers and sisters and to actively work for their good. We will look at examples of women raising their voices for peace and justice like their Biblical ancestors before them. We will also examine the latest decisions by Pope Francis that support centering women in the work of the Catholic Church, giving new hope for advancing peace and justice with right relationships as our Creator intends for us all.

Dr. Mary Getui  is a professor in the Department of Religious Studies, Catholic University of Eastern Africa.  Her research and publications are focused on religion, education, culture, gender, peace and health.  From 2009-2015, she was Chairperson of the National AIDS Control Council.   She will speak on the Interface between Religion and Health: Implications for the Wellbeing of the African Woman. 


Marita Grudzen MHS is Associate Director Emerita and a founding member of the Stanford Geriatric Education Center, a national center in ethnogeriatrics within Stanford University School of Medicine. She was co-recipient with Chaplain Bruce Feldstein, MD, of the Templeton Award (2001-06) for the medical school required curriculum they developed, Spirituality and Meaning in Medicine. Marita co-developed the curriculum for the Fremont Community Ambassador Program for Seniors, and 25-hour Hospital to Home Transition training for volunteers from the Ethnic Minority Senior Services Consortium of San Jose, CA. Since 2011, every year Marita with her husband have co-developed, implemented, evaluated, and revised a 40-hour Interfaith Leadership Program in partnership with Christian, Muslim and African Indigenous Religious leaders in Kenya. Currently she is the Chair of “Stewards of Our Common Home” for the Diocese of San Jose, CA, coordinator of the first Interreligious Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter which consists of Muslims and Christians of different denominations, a member of the Global Ministries University faculty and secretary of the global interfaith bi-annual Conference, Walking Together in the Spirit of Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti.

This event is free and open to the public but we ask that you register so we can plan on how many will participate.


Apologies, but registration is now closed. Please watch the presentation on YouTube.