The Doctor of Theology Degree Program is designed to foster research into comparative theological and ethical systems that stem from diverse faith traditions. To provide students with the best possible training in the study of global faiths, Global Ministries University has recruited specialized faculty members from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia who have academic and professional expertise in their respective theological fields.

This program can be custom designed to enhance your goals. We believe that, as adult learners, many of our students have an idea of what their particular academic needs might be and they are given to freedom to create their own learning experience. On the other hand, our staff is available for those individuals who would like guidance in the selection of courses.

Examples of possible areas of concentration for the Th.D. Degree Program are as follows:

World Religions
World Religions and Psychology
Buddhist and Christian Studies
Buddhist Art and Culture
Religion, Buddhism, and Science
Peace Studies
Progressive Christianity
Sacred Music
Psychology and Biblical Studies
Religion and Economics
Women’s Issues and Human Rights
Religious Traditions of East Asia
Hinduism and Christianity
Religion and War
Ethics and Religion


Application Process

To enroll in the Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) Degree Program, complete application and submit with $25 application fee. Application fee includes official confirmation of eligibility, selection of courses, and exact cost of tuition and monthly payments.  The applicant may then decide if he/she would like to move forward.



A Master of Theology degree or equivalent is required for acceptance into program.  Equivalency would be determined by dean of program through an assessment of individual’s background and experience. 


Credits Required

This degree requires 36 credits, 6 credits for each of the four courses and 12 credits for the doctoral project.


Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance

There is no allowance for prior learning or life experience for the Doctor of Theology degree program.


Credits Earned through Global Ministries University

Students are to take all four courses through Global Ministries University.*
*In certain circumstances approval may be sought for a course, workshop, seminar, and/or pilgrimage offered by another university/ seminary/organization beyond those provided by the Global Ministries University. Credit may be given for attendance at seminars held in conjunction with regional and national assemblies of affiliated groups. Upon completion of such a program, an integrative paper will be required as well as verification that the student completed the course, workshop, etc.


Core Requirements

Students will be required to complete four courses exploring ecumenical and inter-religious theology.


TH990 Doctoral Project

Students will develop written goals for their doctoral project thesis in consultation with their mentor. This project should target a contemporary issue that is related to the student’s pastoral care needs and experience. The thesis should clearly demonstrate the student’s fulfillment of those goals and be a reflection upon the pastoral experience with the learning from their coursework and readings in the Doctor of Theology Program.