Sample Some of GMU’s Excellent Courses

The following are free samples of GMU’s offerings of seminars and courses.


Spirituality and Science

This course explores the history of science and religion in the three monotheistic religions
during the formative period of the Religion and Science dialogue in the Middle Ages and early
Modern period up to the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries and the Age of
Rationalism which followed leading to attacks against the revealed religions and the formation
of a Secular Age in the West. Prof. Grudzen’s book, Spirituality and Science: Greek, Judeo-Christian and
Islamic Perspectives will be the primary text for this course. GMU offers degrees and certificates in Science and Religion.


Ecology and Peacebuilding

GMU sponsored a free seminar on October 4, 2021,  the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology, for students, graduates, and all interested parties.

We discussed the role of ecology in peacebuilding in the Middle East using information from EcoPeace Middle East

We also discussed the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, and the role of religious leaders in addressing the climate crisis.

Graduate Seminar: Fratelli Tutti and St. Augustine’s ‘Just War Theory.’ Is the Theory still Valid?

Presenter: Rev. Robert Dueweke, OSA

The Russian-Ukraine conflict intensifies with each passing day. Negotiations move at a slow pace while weapons and military assistance from other nations pour into Ukraine. Some commentators talk about “just war.” Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons. This seminar explored the questions, attitudes, and conditions for building a better world raised in Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti. The question of the validity of the traditional “Just War Theory” in a nuclear era must be challenged.

Global Ministries University invited Father Robert Dueweke, OSA, a representative of the Augustinian religious community at the United Nations, to lead this GMU graduate-level seminar on the Just War Theory and its recent critique by Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti.

This course can also qualify for credit for students wishing to do a graduate degree in Religion and Science with GMU.