Sacred Arts Studies

Global Ministries University offers outstanding programs related to Sacred Arts, which include a Doctor of Theology and Master of Theology Degree, as well as a graduate, undergraduate, and mini certificate. Our Sacred Arts programs contain exceptional courses facilitated by competent instructors.  Sacred Arts studies explore cinema, transformational theater, and spiritual journaling. 

Doctor of Theology Degree in Sacred Arts

Master of Theology Degree in Sacred Arts

Specialized Ministry Certificate in Sacred Arts

Specialized Ministry Certificate in Sacred Music

Courses related to Sacred Arts:

TH542 Wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen Hildegard of Bingen, twelfth century abbess, mystic, visionary, herbalist, dramatist, poet and prophet, will be studied as a model for the sacred artist.  An in depth study of Hildegard’s life and her vibrant spiritual/creative process will be examined. The exploration of motifs within Hildegard’s ancient wisdom will be translated into contemporary creative expression. Poetry writing, visual prayer collage, and mandala drawing, will be the forms of sacred art making for this course. 

TH543 Cinema: Inspiration for the Spirit  The power of film to move the spirit will be explored in this course. Three contemporary films are explored through the lens of myth, archetype, and symbol in relationship to the potential for spiritual transformation through cinematic inspiration. 

TH544 The Sacred Artist for Today’s Spiritual Renaissance  The Renaissance of 14th-16th century Europe was a movement to rebirth art and literature into the culture.  Contemporary life offers the opportunity to Sacred Artists to begin the Spiritual Renaissance.  This course explores the need for a resurgence of beauty, aesthetics, and sacred art to balance the darkness of the times and to uplift the human spirit and condition. 

TH545 Art and Spirituality This is a course of remembrance, reawakening and revolutionary art-making in response to Spirit moving in our lives. ‘Spirituality’ is considered — not in the popular sense, as a detached, contemplative activity, far away from the concerns of the world — but as a catalyst to transform self and society from within the vision of the One, the Ultimate Source.   The student is expected to avail him/herself of art exhibits, performances, “happenings and events” of a variety of creative and expressive art.

TH541 The Craft of Spiritual Journaling
The spiritual journal is a contemplative tool for recording personal reflections, spontaneous prayer, and encounters with the sacred imagination. The student will spend reflective time with his/her spiritual journal and each journal entry will take the form of written or creative expression (sketching, collage, etc.) to record spiritual insights, questions, and illuminations.  The journal will accompany the student on field trips, nature walks, and pilgrimages required for subsequent Sacred Arts courses.

TH546 Transformational Theater Transformational Theater is an inclusive and interactive performance form, accessed through the medium of the expressive arts that invites spectators to become actors, creators, and movers; transforms mundane space into sacred space thus birthing the “redeemed cosmos.” It explores spirituality by dancing in the streets, singing in the rain and shining like a beacon into the dark and forgotten cells of prisons and institutions. The purpose of Transformational Theater in the context of ministry is that it gives voice to the silenced, the oppressed and the marginalized.