President Grudzen’s Statement on Ukraine

Global Ministries University joins the chorus of educational institutions, political and religious leaders, and faith communities around the world in condemning the attack on invasion of Ukraine. World opinion is on the side of peace not conflict.

War is never the answer. The Ukrainian people face loss of life, mass destruction of their homeland, economic and environmental ruin, and a bleak future of deprivation. The Russian people do not want this war either and are protesting in the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The humanitarian consequences will be devastating. One hundred thousand people have already been displaced.

Vladimir Putin has violated Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. In addition, he has breached the treaties Russia has signed and authorized, including the Charter of the United Nations.
GMU endorses the response of United Nations Secretary General António Guterres urging “immediate cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, preventing any actions and statements that may further escalate the dangerous situation in and around Ukraine and prioritizing diplomacy to address all issues peacefully.”
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Like the world in the 1930’s, we stand on the edge of an abyss. We can choose to step back from the brink and stop a dictator’s aggression or we can allow the horrors of war to consume us again.

Pope Francis is calling for a Day of Fasting for Peace on Ash Wednesday, March 2. Global Ministries University adds its collective voice to the global prayers for peace and for the people of Ukraine.

Divine Presence
We pray for the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia
We pray for all those who are afraid; that your comfort surrounds them in this time of great fear.
We pray for all those who have the power over life and death; that they will uphold life and strive for life in its fullest.
We pray for those who promote war; that they will remember that you direct us to turn our swords into ploughshares and seek peaceful resolutions to our problems.
We pray for leaders on the world stage; that they are led by compassion, mercy and justice.
Above all, we pray for peace for Ukraine.


GMU invites you to share your prayers for Ukraine here.