Method Of Study

Global Ministries University uses a self-directed method of study:
The syllabus includes assignments, course objectives, required text, instructor bio, and contact information. 
  • Student completes the assignments, which are typically essay-type, one at a time and submits course work to instructor.
  • Instructor grades each assignment and offers constructive input.  
  • Upon completion of all assignments, a final grade is given for the course.
  • The dean or mentor guides student through the program. 
  •, an Internet site, is used to obtain each syllabus, submit assignments, and receive graded papers.   Additionally, student and instructor may also correspond via email and telephone. 

Advantages of the self-directed method of study:

  • Using essay-type assignments, you are empowered to express yourself and channel your learning process in a direction that will help you in your personal spiritual growth and ministry training. 
  • Our grading procedure is based on how well you grasp the concepts of the assignments.       
  • You are able to set your own pace, that is, fit the course work into your busy schedule or work full time to complete course work as soon as possible.
  • All coursework can be completed when and wherever you choose: in your home, while traveling, evenings, weekends. And there are no registration dates, which means that you are able to begin earning your degree today!