Master of Theology In Contemporary Christianity (M.Th.)

Global Ministries University offers a  Master of Theology Degree in Contemporary Christianity completely online that can be custom designed. The curriculum of this Master of Theology Degree Completion Program includes progressive courses based on the most recent and reliable scholarly research.  Students will explore a compelling view of the way the Gospels of the New Testament were written, the historical Jesus, and evolutionary spirituality.  The Master of Theology Degree in Contemporary Christianity is designed for students who would like to study progressive theology and the latest information related to Christianity that has been acquired.

Following is a suggested curriculum for those pursuing a Master of Theology in Contemporary Christianity:

Possible course of study for Contemporary Christianity theme:
TH612 Introduction to the Old Testament
TH650 Introduction to the Gospels
TH680 Early Church History
TH655 A Contemporary Overview of the New Testament
TH656 Progressive Christianity-Part I (DVD)  
TH657 Progressive Christianity-Part I (DVD)  
TH658 Progressive Christianity-Part I (DVD)   
TH660 Exploring the Identity and Role of Jesus
TH665 Jewish Midrash and the Gospels
TH580 Creation Spirituality
TH516 Evolutionary Spirituality 

All students who are accepted into the Master of Theology Degree Completion Program must hold a bachelor’s degree.

Credits Required
The Master of Theology Degree Completion Program requires 36 credits.

Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance
Prior Learning Allowance
A maximum of 18 credits for prior learning experience.
Prior Life Experience Allowance
A maximum of 9 credits may be awarded for life experience.
A combined total of up to 18 of the required 36 credits may be awarded for prior learning and life experience.

Credit Earned Through Global Ministries University
Students must earn 18 credits through Global Ministries University.

Core Requirements:
TH799 Master of Theology Thesis
(6 credits) or Two Additional Courses

In lieu of a supervised internship, students will be required to demonstrate extensive research skills and will design a research project leading to a Master’s Thesis.   This project will be interdisciplinary and focus on a core theme. There is also an option to waive the thesis by taking two additional courses.

Application Process
To enroll in the Master of Theology Degree Completion Program, complete and submit application with $25 application fee.