The Master of Theology Degree Program offered by Global Ministries University features an interdisciplinary understanding of Theology in the 21st century.*
This program can be completely custom-designed.  Students have the opportunity to select a concentration of particular interest to them, such as pastoral ministry, contemporary Christianity, peace studies, world religions; and, with the approval of the dean of program, also have the opportunity to select their courses.
Application Process
To enroll in the Master of Theology (M.Th.) Degree Program,  complete application and submit with $25 application fee. Application fee includes official confirmation of eligibility, selection of courses, and exact cost of tuition and monthly payments.  The applicant may then decide if he/she would like to move forward.
A bachelor’s degree is required for acceptance into the Master of Theology degree program.
Credits Required
The total number of credits needed for completion of the Master of Theology degree will be 36.
Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance
A maximum of 12 credits may be awarded for prior learning and life experience combined.
Credits Earned through Global Ministries University
Students must earn 24 credits through Global Ministries University.
Core Requirements
This is a custom-designed program that can be completed with a thesis or by taking two additional courses.  Global Ministries University offers numerous areas of concentration (see Areas of Concentration on page 12).
TH799 Master of Theology Thesis (8 credits)
Students will work with dean/mentor to develop a plan for a Master’s level research study in one of the following areas.
*The Master of Theology degree program is affiliated with the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California and the Ian Ramsey Center of Oxford University, Oxford, England. Global Ministries University was the recipient of a CTNS grant in 2001 for the development of a course of study featuring the History of Science from the perspective of Christianity and Islam.