M. Pastoral Min.



Global Ministries University (GMU) and People’s Catholic Seminary (PCS) collaboratively offer a Master of Pastoral Ministry degree.  The degree is granted by GMU and PCS provides the course of study. This program is a service preparation degree, designed for those who are walking the pathway to ordination, the ordained, and members of the inclusive communities of ARCWP and RCWP who seek to continue their education within an interactive supportive seminary environment.

Admissions Process 

To enroll in the Master of Pastoral Ministry (M.P.M.) degree program, apply directly to GMU, complete and submit application with $25 application fee. Once application and application fee are submitted to GMU, application will be directed to People’s Catholic Seminary.

The application fee includes official confirmation of eligibility, selection of courses, and exact cost of tuition and monthly payments.  The applicant is not required to move forward with coursework and tuition payments until this admissions process is completed.  



A bachelor degree is required for acceptance into the Master of Pastoral Ministry degree program.


Credits Required 

The total number of credits needed for completion of the Master of Pastoral Ministry degree will be 36. 


Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance

A maximum of 18 credits may be awarded for prior learning and life experience combined.

Prior Learning Allowance – A maximum of 18 credits may be awarded for prior learning experience.

Prior Life Experience Allowance – A maximum of 9 credits may be awarded for life experience.


Credits Earned through Global Ministries University

Students must earn 18 credits through Global Ministries University.


Method of Study

Courses in this program are offered as an independent study or in a cohort model.  Cohorts use a blog format to foster an interactive learning community.  Students post assignments and are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts.



Payment plan:

To take one course at a time, student may choose either a two or three-year payment plan.

To take two courses at a time, student must choose a one-year payment plan.

For more information, email: peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com



100. Introductory / Foundational

101. Contemporary Theology for the People of God

102. Feminist Introduction to the Bible

103. A Feminist Sacramental Theology


200. Jesus, Life and Teachings

201. Rediscovering Jesus in a Companionship of Empowerment

202. Parables as Subversive Stories


300. Women and Religion

301. Spiritual Encounters with Women Mystics

302. Women in the Hebrew Scripture

303. Women in the Gospels

304. Women in the Early Church


400. Sacraments

401. Sacraments: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

402. Eucharist: Embracing an Open Table

403. Baptism and Confirmation 

404. Reshaping the Priesthood as a Discipleship of Equals

405. Marriage, Sexuality and Just-Love

406. Anointing of the Sick

407. Sacrament of Reconciliation

500. Future Church

501. Future Church: Evolving, Empowering and Egalitarian

502. Social Justice and Ethics


600. Pastoral Development

601. Homiletics and Preaching

602. Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Companions on a Journey

603. Spirituality of Art


700. Final Ministerial Project