The Master of Divinity Degree Program is designed to be responsive to those students who need intensive training to serve non-traditional settings. It is intended to be flexible and at the same time offer a ministerial educational regimen which will prepare a candidate for competency in a range of ministries.

This program can be earned online and can also be custom designed.


Application Process

To enroll in the Master of Divinity Degree Program, complete and submit an application with a $25 application fee. The application fee includes confirmation of eligibility, assessment of prior learning and life experience credits that might be awarded to applicant, selection of courses, and exact cost of tuition and monthly payments.  The applicant may then decide if he/she would like to move forward.


All students who are accepted into this program must have already earned a bachelor’s degree.


Credits Required
The Master of Divinity Degree Completion Program requires 72 credits.

Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance
Prior Learning Allowance
A maximum of 36 credits may be awarded for prior Learning.
Prior Life Experience Allowance
A maximum of 18 credits may be awarded for life experience. A combined total of up to 36 of the 72 required credits comparable to the Master of Divinity core requirements may be awarded for prior learning and life experience.
Credits Earned Through Global Ministries University
Students must earn a total of 36 credits through Global Ministries University
Core Requirements
The following courses are part of the general curriculum for the Master of Divinity degree (For course details, refer to Course Descriptions). Core Requirements are indicated by bold font and noted as ‘mandatory.’ All courses listed are 3 credits unless stated otherwise. Course equivalencies or substitutions are subject to prior approval by the Global Ministries University Curriculum Council.


I. SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATIONS (12 credits required)

TH612 Introduction to the Old Testament (mandatory)
TH650 Introduction to the Gospels (mandatory)
Choose 2 of the following courses:
TH620 Introduction to the Old Testament Prophets
TH630 Introduction to the Spirituality of the Psalms
TH640 Women of the Bible
TH670 The Writings and Influence of Paul the Apostle
TH680 Early Church History (mandatory)
Choose 1 of the following courses:
TH642 Visionary Women in the Christian Tradition
TH644 Celtic Women in the Christian Tradition
TH690 Medieval Church History
TH695 Modern Church History
Choose 2 of the following courses:
TH507R Introduction to Systematic Christian Theology (K. Rahner)
TH507K Introduction to Systematic Christian Theology (H. Kung)
TH505 A Theology of Church
TH508 Feminist Theology: Its Roots and Revelations
TH511 History of God
IV. ETHICS AND MORAL THEOLOGY (6 credits required)
TH520 Ethics in Pastoral Ministry (mandatory)
Choose 1 of the following courses:
TH530 An Introduction to Moral Theology
TH535 Feminist Ethics and Moral Theology
TH509 Ecological Theology
TH572 Feminist Liberation Theologies
V. SPIRITUALITY (9 credits required)
TH570 Worship and the Christian Sacraments (mandatory)
Choose 2 of the following courses:
TH540 Spirituality for the 21st Century
TH575 Mysticism in the Christian Tradition
TH578 African Theology
TH577 World Religions
TH580 Creation Spirituality
TH646 Journey Into the Spiritual Center
TH660 Exploring the Identity and Role of Jesus
IPA688 Spiritual Direction
Contemporary ministry requires significant interpersonal and integrative capacities in rapidly evolving and personally challenging religious and civil community cultures.
The selection of one of the following two courses is mandatory:
IPE617 Clinical Pastoral Education (1 unit CPE)* (6 credits)
IPE618 Pastoral Integration Internship Approved 9-Month Ministerial Experience and a Related Pastoral Integration Reflection Paper (6 credits )
IPE620 Dynamics of a Faith Community (mandatory)
IPE624 Pastoral Care of the Minister (mandatory)
IPA680 Psychology and Pastoral Theology (mandatory)
IPA702 Services and Ceremonies (mandatory)
TH552 Homiletics and Preaching Tutorial (mandatory)
*Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) (or an approved equivalent of 400 hours) In addition to the registration fee and tuition, there is an additional expense for two Field Education Supervisory Reports at $150 each. Also, if an approved unit of CPE or its equivalent has not been completed, Master of Divinity students must make their own Global Ministries University approved arrangements to fulfill this requirement at their own expense.
VII. Elective Courses (12 credits)
Electives may be selected from the Master Degree Course List; Global Ministries University approved educational offerings provided through partnerships with other religious institutions, churches, universities, and ministerial renewal organizations working for reconciliation, healing, equality and justice; or may be credited for prior learning and life experience related to this 72 credit Global Ministries University Master of Divinity curriculum.

For more information about the Master of Divinity Degree, contact GMU