Joint Th.D/Ph.D

(This program is not available at this time.)
Global Ministries University offers an interfaith Doctor of Theology Degree and a Ph.D. with a highly-ranked university in Thailand, the College of Religious Studies at Mahidol University in Thailand.  This is a prestigious program that gives students the unique opportunity to earn both a Th.D. and completing four courses with Global Ministries University and a dissertation through the College of Religious Studies. Students are not required to complete a residency, therefore, both degrees can be earned entirely online.
Applicants are required to apply to both universities and be accepted by each university.
To be eligible for the Th.D., a Master of Theology degree or equivalent is required for acceptance into program.  Equivalency would be determined by dean of program through an assessment of individual’s background and experience.
To be eligible for the Ph.D., students must meet the following requirements:

(1) Hold a Master’s degree in a related field, such as theology, religious studies, social science, or humanities, with an overall GPA of 3.50 or higher from a university that is recognized by Mahidol University.

(2) Demonstrate competency in interfaith dialogue.  Student will be required to take a qualifying exam before being accepted into Mahidol University.

Application Process
To enroll in the Joint Th.D. and Ph.D. Degree Program, begin application process by completing application and submitting it with the $25 application fee.*  After completing requirements for the Doctor of Theology degree program, students will formally enroll in the Mahidol University CRS PhD Program under the Plan One (Research Only) program.  Applicants will provide copies of identification and transcripts in accordance with CRS graduate application procedures. To visit CRS-Mahidol University web site, go here.
*Applicants will be provisionally accepted into program when application and fee are received.  Formal acceptance will occur when both universities have reviewed and approved eligibility. If applicant is not approved, application fee will be refunded.  Furthermore, even though, it is not an expected outcome, if dissertation is not approved by Mahidol University, student may use work to complete and earn a Doctor of Theology degree program through Global Ministries University.
Credits Required
The Joint Th.D. and Ph.D. Degree Program requires 60 credits: 12 credit hours through Global Ministries University (four courses) and  48 credit hours through College of Religious Studies-Mahidol University (dissertation).
Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance
There is no allowance for prior learning or life experience for the Th.D./Ph.D. degree program.


Credits earned through Global Ministries University and College of Religious Studies-Mahidol University
All credits for the Th.D. and Ph.D. Degree Program must be earned through Global Ministries University and the College of Religious Studies.

Joint Th.D. and Ph.D. Degree Program Core Requirements:
Th.D.: Students are to complete four doctoral courses through Global Ministries University which apply to their area of concentration.

Ph.D.:  Students are required to successfully complete dissertation research (48 credit hours) through the College of Religious Studies (Plan 1: Dissertation Research Only).

Examples of possible areas of concentration for the Joint Doctor of World Religions and Ph.D. Degree Program are as follows:

Buddhist and Christian Studies
Buddhist Art and Culture
Religion, Buddhism, and Science
World Religions
World Religions and Psychology
Psychology and Biblical Studies
Religion and Economics
Women’s Issues and Human Rights
Religious Traditions of East Asia
Hinduism and Christianity
Religion and War
Ethics and Religion