Interfaith Course on the History of God

President Gerald Grudzen will offer an Interfaith Course on the “History of God” from an interreligious perspective in early 2022. The course will span five weeks, with once weekly Zoom sessions, and draw upon readings from Karen Armstrong’s book, A History of God, as well as material authored by Dr. Grudzen.

The History of God covers the evolution of monotheism within the Abrahamic faith traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It features the key events in religious history that helped to define the concepts that characterized their understanding of God and the reformers who helped to purify and enlarge their understanding of the deity. In addition to the theological perspective that led to formulations of the divine nature and salvation history based upon revelation, the course also features philosophical perspectives on the nature of God within these three traditions.

To promote the outstanding scholarship at GMU the course will be offered for only the $25 registration fee. If the student chooses to continue with GMU the course may be counted for credit toward a certificate or degree program.

Once you apply and send in the $25 fee you will receive the syllabus and information on how to join the Zoom meetings in early 2022. There are a limited number of spots remaining. Apply soon.