GMU Stands with Same-Sex Couples

Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

Consistent with its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and to honoring the human rights and dignity of all people, GMU decries the Vatican’s recent negation of the love and sacrifice exemplified in the committed relationships of same-sex couples. By misrepresenting such sacred relationships as sinful and “not worthy of blessing,” the Vatican moves institutional Catholicism toward fundamentalism and away from its own rich intellectual tradition, exemplified in the Second Vatican Council’s embrace of God’s revelation in science as an interpreter of creation. More importantly – and more tragically – it further dashes the hopes of its faithful LGBTQ+ members, and exposes itself as an institution that increasingly values judgment and exclusion over the infinite Love and compassion that it was founded to incarnate and promulgate.

To LGBTQ+ members of the GMU community: Know that your university stands with you, reveres your integrity…and yes, blesses your love.