GMU Global Citizenship and Consciousness Forum

To reach out to young people, President Gerald Grudzen is conducting free five-session Zoom Forums for a group of students who have taken his Ethics course at San Jose City College this past semester. Eight students participated in the first Forum.

These students may also wish to participate in our August 19-21 international symposium on Pope Francis’s encyclical letter, Fratelli Tutti. One of the aims of this conference of which GMU is a co-sponsor is to engage the voices of youth.

The students in the GMU Global Citizenship Forum come from diverse backgrounds including Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Central America, Japan, and Italy. The first Forum focused on the factors that lead to a sense of identity and the obstacles we face in extending our sense of identity beyond our family, friends, and the local community to encompass the whole world and the environment. Dr. Grudzen presented some of the thoughts of Teilhard de Chardin on the evolution of global consciousness found in his seminal writing, The Human Phenomenon. Teilhard’s evolutionary vision can bee seen in this YoutTube video:

The third forum was on the role of the Hizmet Movement in promoting global consciousness and interfaith solidarity. The presentation will be made by GMU faculty member: Nihal Sahan, Board President of Pacific Institute. Find out more about the Hizmet Movement here. 

Forum number 4  was on Hans Kung and the Global Ethic movement promoted by the Parliament of World Religions

The next forum on May 5 will feature our own GMU faculty member who resides in Alexandria, Egypt, Shahinaz El Henawi. Shahinaz will share her own journey to global consciousness through her work in various parts of the world in peace advocacy, and human development. Shahinaz will also share her understanding of Sufism and the role that it plays in her global spirituality. 

This program is offered as live Zoom sessions and will be made into a Podcast. For more information on participating in the free forums, please email