Global Ministries University offers complete information on this website but has compiled the following list of frequently asked questions related to our online degree and certificate programs for the convenience of inquirers.

Are the instructors qualified? 
Yes.  All instructors are required to have at least a Master’s Degree in their field and most hold a doctorate.

Can I receive credit for life experience?

Yes.  You may receive credit for both life experience and prior learning for all programs except the doctoral programs.  Credit is assessed and awarded by dean of program.

What is the method of study? 
Global Ministries University functions through a dedicated classroom web site that uses Moodle, a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a secure and integrated system. The method of study is self-directed, which allows students to progress at their own pace.

How does the self-directed study method work?
Students are given access to a syllabus on the classroom web site.  The syllabus includes assignments, course objectives, required text, instructor bio and contact information.  Student corresponds with instructor via email, phone and possibly Skype.  Completed assignments are submitted to instructor by uploading the documents onto the GMU classroom site. Instructor is automatically notified of submission and posts constructive input and a grade for the assignment. Student is automatically notified of the grade through the classroom site.  Upon completion of all assignments, a final grade is given for the course. For more information, see Study Process.

Why self-directed rather than classroom/lecture style?

Certainly there is value to a classroom environment, but the self-directed method also has its advantages. Using essay-type assignments empowers students to express themselves and channel their learning process in a direction that will help them in their personal spiritual journey and ministry.
Is the course work completely online? 
Yes.  There are specific requirements for supervised field work for our Master of Divinity degree programs, but all course work is online.
How long does it take to complete degree/course? 
Because the course work is self-directed, the length of time it takes to complete course work depends entirely on you and your schedule.  Some individuals must take considerable time because of work schedules, for example, while others are free enough to accelerate studies.  As a general guideline, average time to complete a course is one to two months.
Is Global Ministries University accredited?
Global Ministries University is not accredited as the word is most commonly understood, however, that does not mean it is not a credible university.  GMU offers thought-provoking contemporary courses facilitated by competent instructors who are required to hold a master degree and most of them hold a doctoral degree. For more information, see Accreditation.
Can I claim my GMU tuition as an educational expense for my tax return?
In the United States, GMU tuition does not qualify as an IRS 1098 claim.  Note:  Making such a claim on your tax return can result in having to pay back-interest to the government.
If you live in Canada, however, you may be able to deduct your GMU tuition as an educational expense.  Form TL11-A contains information as to who qualifies to do so, and what such a claim would involve. 
Is the tuition affordable?
Yes. Because Global Ministries University is an online university, our overhead is significantly lower than that of a traditional college and, as a result, we are able to offer a quality education at a lower cost.

Does Global Ministries University offer financial aid? 
No, however, financial aid is not necessarily advantageous  Recent studies have reported that many students are having difficulty paying this debt after graduation and regret the decision to apply for financial aid.  Global Ministries University offers another option that is user-friendly: an interest-free payment plan.
Does GMU offer ordination?
No, but we do offer a path to ordination through the Federation of Christian Ministries, an interfaith organization that commissions individuals to conduct ministerial services and ceremonies, including legally performing marriage ceremonies. Commissioning is essentially an “ordination,” the authorization to minister on behalf of FCM, and an affirmation by FCM that the commissioned person meets the criteria of FCM in recognizing its members.
Does GMU provide a graduation ceremony?
Yes, GMU conducts a graduation ceremony, typically in June.  The ceremony is hosted on a teleconference call, so that all graduates have the opportunity to participate without traveling great distances.
How do I apply?
Simply complete the application form and submit with application fee.

For further information, please contact GMU.