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Global Ministries University is more than a learning institution.

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We care about world conditions, we care about human rights, we care about peace, we care about interreligious understanding.
Not only do we care, but we take action by implementing programs and providing courses that support these values.

We Are Here For Each Other!

These words certainly hit home in the difficult times we are facing. Global Ministries University seeks to serve the educational and ministerial needs of our students in every way we can. In this time of economic uncertainty GMU has established a scholarship program to help those who face financial hardship because of loss of employment. We hope you will consider donating to this effort. GMU is Family and we are here for each other.

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Pictured above are Dr. Gerald Grudzen (center) and wife, Marita Grudzen (far right) with graduates of a five-day Interreligious Dialogue Seminar conducted in Mombasa, Kenya, in August of 2013. They have returned every year thereafter.

If you feel moved to support this endeavor financially, donate now.