The Doctor of Ministry Degree Program encourages students to examine their innovative ideas and respond to present challenges in ministry. It offers resources to think theologically and creatively about the impact of ministry in a multi-cultural world and fosters an understanding of organizational and cultural context of ministry. Students are provided with maximum flexibility to custom-design a program that nurtures spiritual growth and professional development in the practice of ministry, stresses the reflective practice of ministry, and examines the dynamics of ministry in a multi-faith world. We believe that, as adult learners, many of our students have an idea of what their particular academic needs might be and they are given to freedom to create their own learning experience. On the other hand, our staff is available for those individuals who would like guidance in the selection of courses.

The goal of the Doctor of Ministry Program is to equip people to serve others more fully and effectively. Students will have the opportunity to experience courses, programs, seminars, and workshops that foster intellectual, emotional and spiritual development in their ministry environment.


Application Process

To enroll in the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Degree Program, complete the application and submit it with a $25 application fee. Application fee includes official confirmation of eligibility, selection of courses, and exact cost of tuition and monthly payments.  The applicant may then decide if he/she would like to move forward.



All students who are accepted into this program must have already earned a Master of Divinity or Master of Theology Degree or equivalent. Equivalency would be determined by Global Ministries University Staff through an assessment of individual’s background and experience in pastoral care, spirituality and/or human development.


Credits Required 

This degree requires 36 credits, 6 credits for each of the four courses and 12 credits for the ministry project.


Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance 

There is no allowance for prior learning or life experience for the Doctor of Ministry degree.


Credits Earned through Global Ministries University

Students are to take all four courses through Global Ministries University.*


Core Requirements

Students are to select four courses from the Global Ministry University catalogue that apply to their ministerial focus. The aim of courses selected is to reflect on one’s ministry from a spiritual, theological, organizational and cultural perspective. These courses are to assist students in the deepening of understanding of their own ministry, to enhance their ministerial skills, and to articulate their spirituality and/or theology of ministry.

*In certain circumstances approval may be sought for a course, workshop, seminar, and/or pilgrimage offered by another university/seminary/organization beyond those provided by the Global Ministries University. Credit may be given for attendance at seminars held in conjunction with regional and national assemblies of affiliated groups. Upon completion of such a program, an integrative paper will be required as well as verification that the student completed the course, workshop, etc.


DM990 The Ministry Project

The student chooses a primary focus of ministry that is related to the student’s practice of ministry as the topic of the Doctoral Ministry Project. The written reflection on this Doctoral Project should state the goals of the selected ministry actions. The reflection paper should clearly demonstrate the student’s skills in the practice of ministry, the context of ministerial action and integrate the learning from coursework and readings in the Doctor of Ministry program. The reflection paper should describe the participation of people/faith community in the project and include an annotated bibliography of sources. The student should work closely with Dean/Mentor during this phase of the program. Some ministry preferences that could be selected for a Ministry Project are:

  • Arts and Environment
  • Developmental/Life Stages
  • Eco-Justice
  • Homiletics
  • Justice Issues
  • Liturgy
  • Pastoral Care
  • Community Development
  • Religious Education
  • World Religions
  • Urban Ministry
  • Women’s Issues/Spirituality
  • Workplace
  • Spirituality

If an area in which you are interested is not mentioned here, consult with the Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Program.