Environmental Justice Certificate

GMU announces an exciting new certificate program in Creation Spirituality and Environmental Justice based on Laudato Si. Students who complete the CSEJ Certificate program will be awarded a credit of $1275 to use toward the tuition of a Master or Doctorate Degree Program.

The Creation Spirituality and Environmental Justice Certificate will include a mentoring program enabling those who do the professional certificate to design an environmental education or intervention project for school, church or community use.  We will have an introductory Zoom session on Tuesday, May 12, at 11:00 am (PDT) sponsored by GMU. It is free and open to anyone who might want to get more information about this certificate. It will feature San Jose State University professor William DeVincenzi, who was trained with Al Gore on the climate crisis and is now a civic activist on climate issues. Please email info@globalministriesuniversity.org  to register.

Part of this program is a course on Laudato Si. The tuition for those taking this single course is $300. It will include seven Zoom sessions on every other Monday beginning Monday, June 8, at 4:00 pm (PDT). The sessions will run for 90 minutes. Marita Grudzen, Stanford University Medical School Administrator Emerita and now Chair of the San Jose Diocese “Stewards of Our Common Home” will lead the Zoom course on Laudato Si and Climate Justice.


Please see the full description and tuition information on the complete CSEJ Program here.

Email for more information.

GMU invites you to learn more about Laudato Si Week 2020.