Certificate In Peace Studies

Global Ministries University offers a Mini-Certificate and a Certificate in Peace Studies, both professional and Graduate.* The Certificate in Peace Studies can be custom designed and earned completely online. This outstanding certificate program is ideal for those who need specific ministry training and/or continuing education in a specific area of Peace Studies.
Mini-Certificate: The Mini-Certificate in Pastoral Ministry consists of two courses selected from the list below and a project or paper. 
Certificate: The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry consists of four courses selected from the list below and a project or paper.
*The professional certificate is not for credit and is not transferable to our other programs.
The graduate certificate is for credit and is transferable to our other programs.
Graduate: The graduate certificate in Peace Studies consists of four courses selected from the list below and a project or paper. 


TH512 A Theology of Interfaith Dialogue
This course looks at common ground for interfaith dialogue, directs the many salvations to one world, uses eco-human well-being as a criterion for religious truth and includes practical suggestions and examples of a globally responsible dialogue.
Instructor: Joseph Sebastian,
Ph.D. – US

TH525 Ethics of War and Peace in Religion This course provides basic information on ethics of war in the major religions of the world as well as secular points of view. It introduces the student to the basic history and terminology of ethics of war. The Abrahamic traditions along with secular views constitute the main focus of the course. Three of five sections and papers will be based on these views of war and peace. The fourth reading and paper will cover South and East Asian religious ethics of war. The final reading and paper will be on comparative ethics in the treatment of religious ethics of war and peace.
Instructor: Matthew Kosuta PhD – Thailand

TH648 Globalization and the Meaning of Islam This course will address the struggle within Islam and the issues related to the assumed Clash of civilizations. The possibility of a theoretical framework for better alternatives to the “us versus them” paradigm will also be discussed.
Instructor: AbdulMawgoud Dardery, Ph.D. US/Egypt
TH701 Religious Fundamentals of Peace Building An introduction to peace studies surveying theory and philosophy of world religious leaders.
Instructor: Mary Ann Cejka, Ph.D. – US
TH702 Nonviolence: Spirituality, Theory, & Practice The theory and practice of nonviolence according to various religious philosophies. 
Instructor: Mary Ann Cejka, Ph.D. – US
TH703 Making Global Peace: Negotiation and Mediation for Religious Leaders A survey of theory and practice in negotiation and mediation for religious leaders working for peace.
Instructor: Mary Ann Cejka, Ph.D. – US
TH704 Gender and Peace Building Designed to provide theoretical and practical experiences in the importance of incorporating the gender dimension in peace processes.
Instructor: Shahinaz El Hennawi, M.A.- Egypt
TH705 Education for Social Transformation  This course will help participants develop an understanding of the main roots of violence and culminate in a student designed program to shift knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards a culture of peace.
Instructor: Shahinaz El Hennawi, M.A.- Egypt
Project/Paper Student will submit a project or paper that is related to peace studies coursework and/or practical use of information acquired.  Subject matter of project or paper to be approved by GMU Dean of Continuing Education.
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