Certificate in Community Chaplaincy

I slept and dreamt
that life was joy.
I awoke and saw
that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.

GMU’s Community Chaplaincy Program has received extraordinary response! The January 2021 class has been filled. GMU is accepting applications for future classes in 2021. We encourage you to enroll now.

The Certificate in Community Chaplaincy Program is designed for any individual who desires to be an agent of healing in their local community. Community-based chaplaincy allows caring citizens to offer the gift of their skillful presence, authentic companionship and deep compassion to the places of need, hurt, loneliness and discord in their community.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer chaplain, this training and education program is designed specifically for you. After completing this six-month program, you will have the basic knowledge, skills, and experience to work confidently, effectively and ethically in care-giving situations where spiritual and emotional well-being is central to the task of healing. Most often these situations arise in the presence of illness, aging and dying. But they also arise in many other settings such as community programs dedicated to social service and activism.

The GMU Community Chaplaincy Program is a six-month experiential program composed of three online courses and 40 hours of supervised volunteer chaplaincy work experience. The on-line courses provide thematic content and provide the core educational curriculum for spiritual caregiving. Each course includes five three-hour Zoom sessions and three one-on-one personal supervisory sessions with the instructor.

Spiritual Caregiving is a skill that is not so much taught as it is cultivated through enhanced knowledge and refined self-awareness. Thus, the Community Chaplaincy Program offers a rich mixture of knowledge-based instruction, readings, experiential exercises, supported reflection, and group/individual consultation about specific care-giving situations.

Those completing this six-month program will receive a Certificate of Completion in Community Chaplaincy from GMU.

This Program is offered in conjunction with Pacific Institute for Essential Conversations (PIEC). PIEC is an accredited learning center for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Tuition for the Community Chaplaincy Program is $3500. Financing is available through Global Ministries University. A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 is required with an additional $475 commitment payment. This will be deducted from the $3500 tuition if one stays in the program which requires a commitment of six months and 40 supervised hours of service in clinical placement in collaboration with PIEC.

Global Ministries University offers additional training in Community Chaplaincy, including Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Units and interfaith spiritual care.

 Click here for a detailed description of the program with bios of the instructors.

The Community Chaplaincy Program is initiating outreach to senior caregivers and residences. Download the brochure here.

GMU’ Chapliancy Program is at the forefront of supporting those who work for social justice and address environmental concerns. We invite you to change the world, one healing encounter at a time! Download the brochure here.