Celebrant Training


Global Ministries University offers a Certificate of Celebrancy that prepares you to become a celebrant and trains you to officiate weddings, memorials, and other rituals completely online.

The celebrant training curriculum consists of four courses and a celebrant project:

Interfaith Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

This course will provide training to write and perform weddings and commitment ceremonies for interfaith, religiously unaffiliated and same-sex couples, including commitment ceremonies, Holy Unions (non-legal religious weddings for same-sex couples) and reaffirmations.

Interfaith Rituals, Prayers and Ceremonies

This course is designed to teach ministers how to write and perform prayers, ceremonies, and rituals, to serve interfaith or multi-faith communities during times of transition and celebration.

Ceremonial Public Speaking

Contemporary theory and application of how to create a homily and implement an effective delivery.

Celebrant Certificate Project

Student will design and perform a ceremony and write a report describing the mechanics and outcome of your effort. Student will be given example ceremonies and rites of passage, licensing assistance, and marketing information.

Concepts Covered:

Client Relations, Interviewing, and Fee Setting

Ceremony Composition

Personalizing and Selecting Ceremony Elements

Suggested Rituals for Weddings and Other Rites of Passage

Wedding Ceremony Format and Performance

Commitment Ceremonies

Vow Renewals and Anniversaries

Managing Rehearsals

Ceremony Observation Report

Legal Issues for Wedding Celebrants

Licensing Information and Assistance


More detailed information related to our Certificate of Celebrancy and celebrant training program and a tuition schedule can be found at The Center for Celebrant Training.

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