Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree Completion Program

Global Ministries University offers a  Bachelor of Religious Studies  Degree Completion Program that can be earned online and can also be custom designed.   This Bachelor Degree  provides students with a background in scripture, theology, and spirituality and enables you the flexibility to select courses that will enhance your spiritual life and ministry.  A thesis on a specific topic to be determined by student and Dean is required.
Application Process
To enroll in the Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree Program, complete application and submit with $200 application fee.
An Associate of Arts Degree or equivalent is required for acceptance into the Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree Program.
Would you like to confirm your acceptance into this program? Submit the Degree Eligibility Form and you will receive a prompt reply.
Credits Required
The Bachelor of Religious Studies degree completion program requires 120 credits, which includes the Associate of Arts Degree or equivalent.
Prior Learning and Life Experience Allowance
Prior Learning Allowance A maximum of 30 credits may be awarded for prior learning.
Life Experience Allowance A maximum of 15 credits may be awarded for life experience.
A maximum of 30 credits may be awarded for prior learning and life experience combined.

Credit Earned Through Global Ministries University
Students must earn a total of 30 credits through Global Ministries University.

Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree Program Core Requirements:
(7 courses – 27 credits)

Each course is equivalent to 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

Choose one of the following courses:
PH101 Introduction to Philosophy

TH204 The Identity of Jesus Explored
TH208 Feminist Theology

Choose one of the following courses:
PH110 Logic and Critical Thinking or
TH113 Feminist Ethics and Moral Theology

Choose three of the following courses:
RS120 Ecumenical Theology
RS115 New Testament Studies
RS112 Hebrew Scriptures
RS121 World Religions – A Story Approach
TH118 Feminist Liberation Theologies

RS290 Field Experience (6 credits)

RS299 Thesis (6 credits)

Elective Courses (33 credits – Choose 11 of the following courses)
RS101 Psychology of C.G. Jung and the Spiritual Life
RS102 Women of the Bible
RS103 Holy Women in the Celtic Tradition
RS104 Eastern Orthodoxy
RS105 Eastern Religions
RS106 Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Science and Religion
RS108 Ministry of Women in Christian Tradition
RS109 History of Christianity
RS110 History of the Reformation
RS125 Visionary Women in the Christian Tradition
RS222 Global Sociology and Religion
PH112 Christianity and Capitalism
TH115 Spirituality for the 21st Century
TH118 Feminist Liberation Theologies
TH205 Reading the Gospels with Jewish Eyes
TH212 Everyone’s Mystical Call
TH230 Introduction to Moral Theology

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