Those individuals who enroll in a degree or certificate program will will be guided through the admissions process step-by-step online.  The steps include sending for transcripts, a Tuition Payment Agreement, an Assessment of Prior Learning and Life Experience (if applicable), the selection of courses, and a Learning Contract.  An Admissions Associate and the GMU Office will also be available to assist you if necessary.  

Assessment of Prior Learning and Life Experience 
Traditionally, college credits are earned in formal classrooms within the academic semester.  However, Global Ministries University believes that extra-institutional learning and life experiences can also be valid for college credit.  It is therefore possible students enrolled in a degree program to be awarded credit for relevant work duties, volunteer work, non-credit courses, and seminars (doctoral degrees excluded). This process could reduce the length of time it will take to earn  degree.
The assessment form that is included in the orientation information serves as a guideline to assist student in the submission of prior learning and/or life experience that may be eligible for credit toward degree program.  Refer to specific program for number of credits that may be awarded.
The student’s completed assessment form is them submitted to Dean of program for evaluation and determination of how many credits will be awarded for prior learning and life experience.
Learning Contract
After prior learning and life experience credit has been awarded, student will select the courses to  be taken with the assistance of the dean/mentor of program.  A learning contract that includes courses and credits needed to earn degree or certificate is then developed.


Tuition Payment Agreement
Students who do not wish to pay tuition in full have the opportunity to make monthly interest-free payments and will be given a Tuition Payment Agreement to declare their method of payment.   For example, students enrolled in a degree program  may choose a one-year, two-year, or three-year plan, depending on how long it is expected to earn degree.  Graduate certificate tuition may paid in eight monthly interest-free installments and the Specialized Certificate may be paid in three monthly interest-free installments.
When assessment of prior learning and life experience has been completed, learning contract has been approved by student an Dean of program, and Tuition Payment Agreement has been received by Admissions Office, student may then begin program.