2020 Holiday Messages

President Grudzen’s New Year Message

Dear Faculty, Students, Friends and Benefactors,

In this coming year, Global Ministries University will celebrate its twentieth anniversary of providing theological and ministerial education to its students and collaborators throughout the world.

Global Ministries began its journey two decades ago in 2001 when the US and the world experienced the tragic attacks of 9/11 followed by the consequences of this event in the following years. As we prepare for 2021 in just a few weeks we recognize the continuing tragedy of the global pandemic of the coronavirus and the psychological, spiritual, and economic toll it has taken on many lives in the US and worldwide. Nevertheless, GMU has continued to offer hope and inspiration to its students, faculty, and donors who share in its mission. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to the success of GMU as an educational institution at the forefront of the global growth of the internet and as a vehicle for learning and inspiration. …Read more.

Provost’s 2020 Holiday Message

GMU Seeks to Melt and Move Hearts

One million, six hundred sixty thousand: a number, numb and numbing. As of this writing, that’s how many lives have been lost to COVID-19 worldwide. Three hundred and ten thousand of those deaths have occurred within the United States.

Even as we know that these statistics represent death on a massive scale, it is hard for us as human beings to be touched by them emotionally. We do need the numbers to provide us with a sense of the scope and gravity of the problem, and to develop policies accordingly in response to it. But what breaks our hearts are the stories of individuals killed or impacted by the pandemic: a dear grandfather dying alone, confused and frightened, in a hospital intensive care unit; a selfless nurse succumbing to the very illness whose victims she cared for, leaving behind young children; a beloved musician whose inspiring voice has been silenced forever; a career coffee shop waitress, whose source of livelihood disappeared when the restaurant closed; a family out of options, awaiting eviction from their home into the darkness and cold of winter. …Read more.