Celebrating GMU’s 20th Anniversary

20 Years of Outstanding Education, Innovation and Inspiration!

President Grudzen’s Message

As we begin the 21st year of Global Ministries University’s existence, we give thanks for all those who have been part of our faith journey over the past two decades, helping us to achieve our vision of an educational program that prepares students for the interdependent and global world that is now impacting all our lives on a daily basis. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that our own health and that of the individual countries in which we reside cannot be segregated from the of the rest of the world community… Read more.

Rev. Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan’s Message

Twenty years ago, around a kitchen table, Gerry Grudzen, Bill Manseau and I shared our dreams for a new innovative, flexible and affordable kind of education. It would equip students with theological and professional skills for ministry, enabling them to meet the needs of believers in our contemporary world. Our inclusive vision embraced the equality of all persons, cultures, and religious traditions. In partnership with the Federation of Christian Ministries, Global Ministries University became a reality, offering internet-based, innovative, affordable graduate degree programs… Read more.

Message of Retired Provost Michael Conley, D.Min.

I have been a part of the growth of Global Ministries University almost from its inception and just recently retired. I handled the finances and curriculum. My master’s degree in Not-for-Profit Administration and my teaching career helped GMU to offer a professional, dependable catalog and experience for students… Read more.

Retired VP for Operations and Development Jean Conley’s Message

I began functioning as administrator of Global Ministries University shortly after its inception and eventually held the title of Vice-President for Operations and Development. There were just four students enrolled at that time and, needless to say, with only four students there was very little money to run GMU. Being in charge of development, my mission was to acquire more applicants in order to generate enough tuition to sustain the University…Read more.


  • globalmu says:

    Congratulations GMU!

  • Anthony Pino says:

    Thank you for your contributions to a broader understanding of the world’s faiths. My studies have deepened my appreciation for other cultures—I am reluctant to use the word, “other”— and for humanity generally. I sense a strong solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood in the world. This is something to celebrate.

  • I am exceedingly grateful for the fantastic work done by those associated with Global Ministries University over the past 20 years. This is what Jesus asks us to do when he tells us to “Preach the Gospel to every creature.”

    I pray that you continue to do the hard work involved in carrying out your ministry. God bless all of you. Richard Penaskovic, Ph.D., emeritus professor of Auburn University in Auburn, AL.

  • Tony MacCarthaigh says:

    Very grateful to GMU for the opportunity to get my D.Min. I enjoyed doing it and am very thankful for the support and encouragement I was given. I was chuffed to see my picture along with Lucy my grand-daughter in the 20th celebration piece. I like the emphasis on inter-faith and creation spirituality as being core to GMU. As we say in Irish – ‘Ni neart go cur le chéile’! (We are strong when we come together)’ – go raibh míle maith agaibh !- A hundred thousand thanks!
    – Tony